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Doral Had No Downtown For Nearly 15 Years. Now It Has Two.

When author Gertrude Stein wrote one of her most-quoted lines — “there is no there there” — she was alluding to her hometown of Oakland, California. Stein’s aphorism might have applied just as well to Doral.

Until now.

Nearly 15 years after it was carved out of a sprawling, disjointed agglomeration of warehouses, gated communities, office parks and strip malls, the suburban city without a focal point finally has not just one “there,” but two of them.

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Codina Partners, Lennar Win Bid To Buy, Redevelop Doral’s White Course

When Greg Norman redesigned the White Course, its principal feature was lots and lots of sand. The course in Doral has been closed for several years and now has been sold for development.

Miami-based Codina Partners and Lennar Corp. have jointly won a bid to purchase the closed White Course golf course in Doral, beating out presidential hopeful Donald Trump, among other competitors, The Real Deal website reported.

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Developers Banking On Urban Future In Doral

Life in Doral is getting a major update: Prominent local developers are building mixed-use projects they say will help turn this industrial, traffic-clogged suburb in west Miami-Dade into a walkable, shop-able city.

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