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Industrial Developers Shouldn’t Delay Construction As Demand Rages


Industrial developers would be wise to plan ahead—and carefully—as materials constraints continue to plague the building process and elongate delivery timelines.

But what is the one thing they shouldn’t do? Delay construction.

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Industrial Supply Not Likely To Catch Up With Demand This Year

DEMAND and SUPPLY. Words on the scales

Any hope, faint as it might have been, that industrial supply would start to catch up with demand this year should be already dashed by now.

The National Association of Realtors reported data through March 4, finding that industrial supply continues to lag demand. Namely, as of the beginning of this month, the vacancy rate fell to 4.1% from 6.8% at the close of Q4 2021. Specialized space, manufacturing and all other properties that are neither logistics nor flex space (such as telecom and data housing centers) saw availability rates decline to a low of 4.5%. Logistic space and flex space fell to 7.3% and 8.4%, respectively.

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Four Reasons Industrial Real Estate Is Unstoppable In 2022

It may be 2022, but many of the forces that drove the economy in 2021 are still in the driver’s seat.

The long-term upward trend of e-commerce is stronger than ever. The supply chain that gets products from websites to consumers is still not performing well. Inflation is rising, and the Federal Reserve probably will soon raise interest rates. Luckily, there’s an investment that may benefit from each of these forces — specifically, industrial real estate, which includes properties such as warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and even marijuana growing facilities.

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