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Is Miami A Good Destination For Investors?

In many ways, Miami is a paradise: nice weather, cultural diversity, excellent geographical location, low taxes, quality education, and many opportunities for businesses.

With these features, Forbes Magazine described Miami in a recent report in which the city stands out as the best place to create new businesses.

Does this recognition make Miami is a good destination for investors? Is this a good time to invest? The short answer to these two questions is: it depends on the industry in which you want to invest, how you want to do it, and in what areas.

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Miami International Is The Most Transportation-Friendly Airport In The Nation, Study Says

Miami receives a ton of heat over its lacking public transportation and rising traffic concerns.

But Miami International Airport is the most transportation-friendly airport in the entire country, according to a new study by  TransitScreenMiami’s premier airport received a MobilityScore of 66 (on a scale from 1 to 100), which outpaced O’Hare in Chicago (63) and Minneapolis–Saint Paul (63).

MobilityScore measures a specific area’s access to buses, trains, and taxis in addition to ridesharing, bikesharing and carsharing options.

The Top 10 is below.

    1. Miami International Airport
    2. O’Hare International Airport
    3. Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport
    4. Logan International Airport
    5. Philadelphia International Airport
    6. McCarran International Airport
    7. Denver International Airport
    8. Charlotte Douglas International Airport
    9. Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport
    10. Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport


Source: Curbed Miami