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Insatiable Demand And Tightening Supply Pump Up South Florida Industrial Rents

South Florida industrial landlords experienced more bountiful returns on their investments during the first quarter, according to a recently released report.

In Miami-Dade, demand consistently outpaced supply, even as industrial developers added about 11 million square feet of new warehouse space in the past three years, the JLL report found. During the same time period, Miami-Dade’s industrial sector absorbed 15.3 million square feet.

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The South Florida Answer To West Coast Logistic Bottlenecks


South Florida’s industrial market fundamentals, particularly for bulk warehouse space, blew through the third quarter of 2021 on strong leasing demand and new construction

The region’s healthy consumer market and growing population helped push investor and occupier confidence in the industrial market, which is likely to continue through 2022.

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