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UDB To Expand For Development After Miami-Dade Commission Overrides Mayor’s Veto

The South Dade Logistics & Technology Park 1200X600

The Urban Development Boundary is set to expand by 379 acres near Homestead for industrial development after the Miami-Dade County Commission overrode a mayoral veto on Tuesday.

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Vote On Project Outside UDB Deferred Again

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In a push to get their controversial industrial complex approved, developers Stephen Blumenthal and Jose Hevia offered a series of last-minute concessions for their proposal.

It wasn’t enough to earn them the green light, but it did get them another whack at it.

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Land Of Development Opportunity: Builders Bet On South Miami-Dade

Miami real estate development duo Jose Hevia and Stephen Blumenthal are not afraid of taking risks, let alone catching heat.

While developers’ proposals often anger residents who are fearful of traffic congestion and the loss of green space, Hevia and Blumenthal’s plan is so controversial, it’s on a scale that Miami-Dade County has not seen for almost a decade. The partners envision an up to 9.2 million-square-foot industrial complex outside the Urban Development Boundary, an invisible line that restricts the sprawl of development as a way to preserve farms and wetlands surrounding the built-out part of Miami-Dade.

The greenbelt is vital to protecting the county from flooding, as well as for preservation and restoration of the Everglades, environmentalists say. They argue this is especially applicable to the land where Hevia and Blumenthal want to build their South Dade Logistics & Technology District.
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