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Five Challenges And Solutions To Market Pressures On Industrial Real Estate

It might not seem like a very attractive time to own real estate in the warehousing, distribution or manufacturing business.

Not only have the last two years turned real estate, across the board, into an incredibly uncertain investment, but the Federal Reserve is also in the middle of a series of interest rate hikes that will make real estate financing more expensive. And yet, it’s still true to say that owning a warehouse, distribution center or factory can be an excellent investment for a small or medium-sized business.

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A Tight Market For Industrial Service Facilities Is About To Get Tighter And Investors Sense Opportunity


Everyone is becoming more accustomed to seeing small trucks roam their neighborhoods, delivering goods ordered online.

But even as the coronavirus pandemic greatly intensified demand for these services, most municipalities are reluctant to approve proposals to develop new industrial service facilities where distributors and other businesses can store, maintain or dispatch vehicles, heavy equipment or bulk materials.

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