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Doral Had No Downtown For Nearly 15 Years. Now It Has Two.

When author Gertrude Stein wrote one of her most-quoted lines — “there is no there there” — she was alluding to her hometown of Oakland, California. Stein’s aphorism might have applied just as well to Doral.

Until now.

Nearly 15 years after it was carved out of a sprawling, disjointed agglomeration of warehouses, gated communities, office parks and strip malls, the suburban city without a focal point finally has not just one “there,” but two of them.

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In Suburban Doral, Developers Bank On An Urban Future

Life in Doral is getting a major update: Prominent local developers are building mixed-use projects they say will help turn this industrial, traffic-clogged suburb in west Miami-Dade into a walkable, shop-able city.

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