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Real Estate And Construction: A Dynamic Force In Doral

The cranes are everywhere in Doral.

The city is experiencing an unbelievable construction boom never seen before in its 16-year history. Commercial spaces, new hotels, industrial warehouses, residential communities, and more. Demand from businesses and residents is at an all time high, and as a result, Doral is the fastest growing city in Florida and one of the fastest in the nation. Growth is in the DNA of the city.

The key industry sectors leading the charge are real estate and construction.

The construction industry is building new structures while at the same time, renovating existing sites. Real estate professionals are busier than ever selling and leasing commercial and residential properties. The challenge within all this activity is managing responsible growth that has a clear and defined direction to further enhance the quality of life for Doral’s residents and businesses, long term.

On March 21 at 7 a.m., at the Intercontinental Hotel Doral Miami, The Business Forum Group at Doral “TBFG” hosts it’s 2nd “Vertical Event” of the year: “Real Estate & Construction… A BOOM in Infrastructure and Construction in Doral.”

The showcase event plans to take a deep dive into an exploding sector in the city. The event will feature a distinguished panel of experts representing real estate, construction, and warehousing. The team of moderators will include TBFG Pioneer Club Members David Martinez, executive VP with Burke Construction; George Pino, president/CEO of State Street Realty, and yours truly, Pete De la Torre, president/CEO of The Business Forum Group at Doral.

Key topics for discussion will include:

• The existing market in Doral (facts and trends);
• What are the hidden opportunities vs. challenges?
• What are the cost vs. benefits of going green?
• How is the cost of construction affecting the industrial market?
• Should Doral-based companies investing in opportunity zones outside the city?
• How is the overflow from Doral affecting surrounding areas?

The vision for this event is to allow attendees to walk away with million-dollar insights on how to tap into new and exciting horizontal business opportunities in real estate and construction. It speaks loudly on what we do as the “Go To” business organization in Doral:

1) Inform, educate and inspire its members on how to accelerate their business growth;
2) Showcase the key industry verticals that drive economic development; and
3) Promote authentic and relevant networking opportunities for serious business professionals.

For information and to register for this important event on March 21st, visit www.bizforumgroup.com.


Source: Miami’s Community Newspapers