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Foreign Investors Flocking To Doral

Why does Doral appeal to foreign investors?

That’s a good question for Ana Codina-Black, CEO of the new Downtown Doral development—an she’s got a good answer.

“Many foreign investors feel their money is more secure in US real estate, and these investors are very comfortable with Miami’s international market,” says Codina-Black. “Doral has become a key submarket for those who are interested in keeping a Miami residence, but are not looking to relocate full-time.”

Codina-Black also points to Doral’s population of more than 50,000 and its role as home-base for many major businesses like Carnival Cruise Lines and Perry Ellis, has elevated the investment opportunity in the area by creating a strong rental market year-round. Now, she says, Downtown Doral has completed the lifestyle experience for people living and working in Doral, which will continue to encourage international investment within the city.

“While Downtown Doral appeals to foreign investors, we are also a very attractive community for the local market given our proximity to the largest employment base in Miami-Dade County and our myriad of amenities,” Codina-Black explains. “Local buyers are especially attracted to the Downtown Doral Charter Elementary School and its dual-language curriculum. The school will open on August 24th and offers students a Spanish or Portuguese track.”


Source:  GlobeSt.