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Florida Ports Council Chair: South Florida Ports Ready For More Cargo

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The chairman of the Florida Ports Council says no ports in South Florida are experiencing delays due to supply chain issues, unlike other ports in the US.

Leaders of ports along South Florida’s coast said they’re ready to step up and help other ports around the country, as those other ports continue to experience delays and backlogs due to global supply chain issues.

The chairman of the board for the Florida Ports Council, Jonathan Daniels, said there is no congestion at the ports in Palm Beach County, Fort Lauderdale or Miami. However, he says supply chain issues are leading to delays north of Florida and on the West Coast. He says those ports are experiencing delays partly due to the fact that they supply goods for the middle of the country, unlike ports in Florida.

“They’re going into the Heartland and they’re also going across country,” Daniels said.

Leaders of ports in South Florida say while they’re always trying to bring more ships to the region, they’re now letting congested ports across the country know they can reroute traffic to South Florida to help ease congestion.

“We stand ready to assist the shippers and the carriers and make sure that they understand that there are capabilities in South Florida,” Daniels said.

“What we’re offering up as a Florida Ports Council and Florida’s ports is saying, ‘OK come through the Panama Canal. Come through the Suez Canal. Instead of doing land-bridge operations where you’re involving the ports, you’re involving the rail as well as the truck for the last mile, come to Florida’s ports. Come to this side of the United States and you’re going to go into the East Coast, land in Florida and then ultimately work up through the rail and the road network in order to supply.”

Daniels said any additional ships that dock in south Florida will only benefit the local economy.


Source:  WPBF ABC 25 News