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Doral Population Rises 6.3% In A Year

Doral has been a culturally diverse city being represented by many nationalities, with a recent influx of people moving from other regions in the US.

People coming from Argentina, Brazil and across the country have grown substantially and are welcomed as new Doral residents to help thrive an eclectic and culturally rich city, said Mayor Juan Carlos Bermudez.

“This fall we expect to receive Census data, which will help provide more data on this area,” Mayor Bermudez said.

With in-progress developments like Downtown Doral South and Midtown attracting new residents every day, and nearly completed projects like Atrium and Sanctuary opening their doors soon.

“We expect our population to continue to grow in the months and years to come,” Mayor Bermudez said.

In 2018, Doral’s population was at 61,824 and in 2019, population estimates grew to 65,741, according to the US Census Bureau.

“We are also seeing a lot of people choosing Doral as their place to invest and open businesses,” said Manual Pila, the city’s economic developer.

Approximately 100 new businesses register with the city every month, showing that Doral remains an attractive option for both start-ups and established businesses seeking to set up their operation here, Mr. Pila said,

“Monthly, the mayor and council attend numerous ribbon cuttings for new businesses, and we have recently welcomed everything from restaurants like The Fatty Crab and Heaven Mykonos, to specialty shops like Puppy Buddy and Total Wine, to healthcare companies like Dispatch Health and SOL PPEC,” Mr. Pila said.

Healthcare is growing especially fast in Doral, with Jackson Health also opening the first hospital in Doral this month, adding a significant amenity to a city that already is home to facilities like Baptist Health, HCA, Leon Medical Centers and OrthoNow, Mr. Pila said.

“For businesses and residents alike our strategic location, diverse economy, low taxes and quality of life are key factors that continue to drive smart growth and prosperity,” Mr. Pila said.


Source: Miami Today