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Doral Considering Proposal To Build More Apartments

About 250 apartments may be coming to Doral.

Developers placed an item on Wednesday night’s zoning meeting agenda asking that the city approve the rezoning of 10 acres of land — currently a plant nursery — from “general use” to “planned unit development.” The item was ultimately deferred to March’s zoning hearing. The date has yet to be determined.

The land is located north of Northwest 41st Street and between 107th and 109th Avenues. If the rezoning is approved, the complex is expected to include 250 apartments, a clubhouse, pool, 2.5 acres of lakes, small playground, pedestrian pathways and green space, records show.

The development company is Codina Partners, the same group that built Downtown Doral and is currently building 2020 Salzedo, an office and luxury rental tower in Coral Gables.

According to a staff memo, city staff recommended that the council approve the zoning change because it is consistent with the city’s comprehensive plan and “is compatible with the surrounding zoning districts.”

The property is currently zoned as “general use,” an interim district in which uses are determined by development trends. In order for a request like this to be considered, the surrounding properties have to be predominantly residential. According to the city, they are.

To the south is a shopping plaza with a Taco Bell, CVS and a bank. Surrounding the plaza are dozens of gated communities featuring multi-family and single-family homes, many of them with lake views and ample green space. Most of the surrounding area is fully developed except for the property located to the south, where the owners are contemplating an 11,137-square-foot medical facility.

“The proposed planned unit development project will further several goals, objectives and policies in the Comprehensive Plan which encourage the development of a wide range of housing options and rental prices that will meet the needs of present and future residents and workers of the City,” the memo read.

The proposed development will provide parking at a ratio of 1.74 spaces per unit, for a total of 436 spaces.


Source: Miami Herald