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Doral Business Forum 2018 – ‘A Look Back’

As we move toward the new ear, its imperative that we take a look back to a 2018 that was filled with significant milestones and accomplishments. With the support of the City of Doral and the business community, The Business Forum Group (TBFG) took great strides in fulfilling its vision and mission as “The Economic Engine of The City” by creating new jobs and business opportunities.

So if you’re ready, hop onboard with us and take a stroll down memory lane:


• TBFG celebrates it’s one year anniversary on Feb. 22 at City Place Doral with over 100 guest including Mayor J.C. Bermudez and Vice-Mayor Ana Maria Rodriguez.
• TBFG and Doral Business Council “DBC” merge and become one organization at the “Changing of the Guard” event on May 16 at the Intercontinental Hotel Doral Miami. Over 250 guest attend this historical “Unity” event.
• Membership Growth: Over 160 members consisting of high-quality organizations and business professionals.
• Networking: TBFG members and guest enjoyed over 20 high-level educational and networking events featuring women business leaders, Young Pros, and local entrepreneurs.
• Forum Executive growth: TBFG expands Forum Executive membership, the leaders of key industry sectors in Doral.
• Strategic Alliances: Art Industry Movement, In Doral Magazine, Miami’s Community Newspapers, 880AM The Biz, and Doral Food & Wine Festival.
• Industry Showcase “Think Tank” Events: Real Estate, Tourism & Culture, Entrepreneur & Technology, and Health & Wellness.
• Radio show: “Forum Biz Talk” Launched in April and heard each Monday at 6 p.m. on 880am The Biz.
• Innovative and historical events: Faith In Your Business in August, Philanthropy in Doral and Doral’s Health & Wellness All Stars with The City of Doral, and The Health Channel in November.
• City of Doral Roundtables: Up & Close with City Leaders and Forum Executives.

Wow! What a year! Now it’s time to “roll up your sleeves” and move into 2019. TBFG plans include a continuation of existing programs and events, expansion of key strategic alliances, Forum Executive and general membership growth, and an even closer relationship with the City of Doral and its leaders.

As an entrepreneur-driven organization, we will boldly continue to take deep dives into the unknown and push the envelope further. Watch out for new initiatives that will promise to shake up the business community and create new and exciting business opportunities for all that join and become actively involved with TBFG. Happy New “Profitable” Year!

For information about The Business Forum Group at Doral, visit: BizForumGroup.com.


Source:  Community Newspapers