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Business Forum Group Showcases Key Investment Sector In Doral In 2019

“Focused” and “Relevant” are the key words for 2019, as The Business Forum Group (TBFG) takes a close and powerful look at what is truly boosting economic development and business growth in Doral.

As we put aside the multitude of non-productive events that typically sound great but mean very little, it becomes time to get serious and invest our time on a platform that can provide the opportunity to learn from experts at the highest level – and connect with decision makers to accelerate new business for all of us.

The City of Doral’s economic development is driven by key industry sectors called “Verticals.” The backbone of the city’s economy is the 12,000 or more businesses representing each Vertical that employs thousands and supplies goods and services for the benefit of the municipal residents and businesses here and beyond.

These Verticals are led by South Florida executives, business icons, thoughts leaders, and influencers known as “The Pioneer Club,” and they are supported by The Premier Club, which is an ensemble of select industry experts.

This distinguished group, called “The Forum Executives,” develops programs and initiatives that showcase industry trends and opportunities while creating synergies with other industry verticals for the purpose of enhancing economic development and business growth through horizontal integration.

TBFG plans to spotlight a different vertical each month via social media, our monthly newsletter, community newspaper articles, and in radio programming culminating in Monthly Vertical Showcase Events.

Exploring Nine Key Verticals

Over the next year, we plan to showcase the following nine key verticals:

1. International Trade, Transportation & Logistics
2. Health & Wellness
3. Real Estate & Construction
4. Technology
5. Professional & Financial Services
6. Entrepreneurship & Education
7. Entertainment & Media
8. Luxury, Arts & Design
9. Hospitality, Retail & Restaurants

Program Launches Feb. 28

We launch our year-round look at these key verticals on Feb. 28 with a focus on the number one industry sector in the city: international trade, transportation, and logistics. Entitled “Doral: The Next E-Commerce Hub – How Consumer Demand from Latin America Can Benefit Economic Development in The City of Doral,” the event will be hosted by the InterContinental Hotel Doral Miami starting at 7 a.m.

Keynote Speaker is the renowned Latin American trade expert John Price, Managing Director of Americas Market Intelligence. He will share insights on the exploding demand for e-commerce across Latin American and Caribbean and how this burgeoning market will be serviced by Miami-based air cargo.

Growing at 20-30 percent annually, inbound cross-border e-commerce traffic to the Caribbean islands, Central America, and South America needs a hub. Miami enjoys an unfair advantage to service this demand, and Doral is MIA’s backyard. It promises to be an illuminating and provocative discussion.

If you’re involved in The International Trade Industry or want to tap into new opportunities and do business in this huge sector, then I encourage you to join us. This event will likely sell out quickly, so register today at www.DoralECommerceHub.eventbrite.com.

Again, the event takes place Feb. 28 at 7 a.m. at the InterContinental Hotel Doral Miami, located at 2505 NW 87th Ave, Doral, FL 33172. For information on The Business Forum Group at Doral, visit: www.bizforumgroup.com.


Source:  Community Newspapers