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Double-Decker Toll Lanes May Be Coming To The Palmetto Expressway In Miami-Dade

Florida is proposing double-decker toll lanes on the Palmetto Expressway, creating an express route between State Road 836 and South Dade that would allow commuters to pay to avoid traffic.

The $1 billion state proposal would use optional toll lanes to help fund the 5.3-mile construction project on State Road 826, with regular toll lanes at street level and express toll lanes about 30 feet above. The elevated express lanes on the Palmetto would provide a stop-free connection between the 836 to the north and the Don Shula Expressway to the south.

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Miami-Dade Commission Approves Controversial Proposal To Extend 836 Expressway

Call it much-needed traffic relief for Kendall residents or the “Everglades Snakeway” — but it’s on its way to completion.

Miami-Dade County commissioners just voted to approve construction of a controversial 14-mile extension of the 836 expressway. The road will pass close to, and in some areas beyond, the county’s urban development boundary, which serves as a buffer to limit development into sensitive Everglades wetlands.

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