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New 2018 Report Outlines Doral’s Flood Protection Efforts

In an effort to improve public safety and protect Doral’s buildings, properties, and residents, the City of Doral recently conducted a Community Rating System (CRS) 510 Progress Report for Fiscal Year 2018.

The objective of the CRS Activity 510, Floodplain Management Planning, is to credit the production of an overall strategy of programs, projects, and measures which will reduce the adverse impact of the hazard on the community and help meet other community needs.

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Double-Decker Toll Lanes May Be Coming To The Palmetto Expressway In Miami-Dade

Florida is proposing double-decker toll lanes on the Palmetto Expressway, creating an express route between State Road 836 and South Dade that would allow commuters to pay to avoid traffic.

The $1 billion state proposal would use optional toll lanes to help fund the 5.3-mile construction project on State Road 826, with regular toll lanes at street level and express toll lanes about 30 feet above. The elevated express lanes on the Palmetto would provide a stop-free connection between the 836 to the north and the Don Shula Expressway to the south.

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Real Estate And Construction: A Dynamic Force In Doral

The cranes are everywhere in Doral.

The city is experiencing an unbelievable construction boom never seen before in its 16-year history. Commercial spaces, new hotels, industrial warehouses, residential communities, and more. Demand from businesses and residents is at an all time high, and as a result, Doral is the fastest growing city in Florida and one of the fastest in the nation. Growth is in the DNA of the city.

The key industry sectors leading the charge are real estate and construction.

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